Monday, April 2, 2007

Ethanol - Fuel for the future

Fuel of the future - ethanol . It is renewable, pollutes less than gas and will reduce world's dependency on oil. It is not currently economical to use ethanol so it is blended with gasoline. Most common blend is E85 (85 percent gas, 15 percent ethanol).

One drawback is cost. Ethanol is still expensive to make, and uses our foodsources (mainly corn) to produce. Also, infrastructure is still lacking as many fuel stations do not carry ethanol blend. This is due chiefly on lack of supply as ethanol industry is not developed yet.

All in all, ethanol will be a great fuel source. It will take some time, however, before it catches on. Until then, ethanol will remain as a good, albeit unavailable fuel source. Hence ethanol is fuel for the future, not now.